Opening Stop-Motion Animation for TypeLab Marketing and Advertising.
Here's a little stop motion animation idea I came up with for the intro to TYPElab's website. This will also serve as part of a larger video segment I hope to help create in the near future.

To achieve this effect, I made and printed out 249 separate files of the "logo in progress." Next, the talented photographer, Michael Angulo, set up the studio for photo shoot. I wanted the camera looking over my shoulder, so Michael rigged a set up above where I was sitting. He'd take one photo, and I switched out to the next pre-printed "drawing," and roughly position each sheet of paper in the same place.

After all the photos were shot, it was as simple as throwing the images in
Adobe Premiere, playing with the timeline a little, and deciding that 20 seconds was the right length.
***If you look at the minute hand on my watch, you'll see how quick and efficient we were while shooting this.


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