At Hobbs Herder Advertising, I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing designers. I headed up a busy Art Department of 20 full-time creatives and another half dozen freelancers.

My role at Hobbs Herder most days was as an Art Director in the strictest sense possible. With a staff of that size I was asked to mentor the designers and guide the design process - both page layout and logo creation. I'd meet with each artist at least once a day to go over their progress on various projects. It was a fast-paced environment to say the least.

I was also tasked with coming up with monthly seminars for the creative team, and those meetings would sometimes be such a hit, I'd be asked to put it on again for the owners of the company. At times I'd research and create PowerPoint displays on subjects such as, "What Makes a Strong Logo." Other times I'd bring in a guest expert, like my friend Brian Mulligan - a typography specialist.

On special occasions, I'd be asked to design something myself - which was always an honor - and a crazy, time-consuming task considering my daily schedule, but I do enjoy a challenge.
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