BMW Brochure: Designer

BMW brochure

Great photos will always enhance strong design. I was able to choose from a fantastic selection of BMW approved photos for this brochure, and while I was also tasked with making sure a fair amount of text was included, I felt I needed to let the rich photographic images take the spotlight as much as possible.

I believe this is an example of the way most people will read a brochure. Once the piece is picked up, it is scanned, and the bold headlines quickly inform what each page contains - the reader will scan the photos and might read a quick snippet or bullet point.

If the interest is still strong, your audience will go back and read it more carefully a second time. This piece is a strong example of that kind of design.
Brochure Cover
Pages 2 and 3
Pages 4 and 5
Pages 6 and 7
Back Cover
Full Finished Brochure

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