It's always nice when a former employer asks you to do a project for them. Some of my work as Art Director for Total Spectrum Advertising is represented in this portfolio, and this is easily one of my favorite projects I've ever had the pleasure of working on for them.

I worked closely with my friend and colleague, Mark Terpening on this piece. Mark wrote the bulk of it and also supplied the voice.
This was my first stab at the main character, "Joe." While the client liked the look of this character, they decided "Joe" looked too likable, and they wanted "Joe" to be more of a smug, know-it-all hipster, geek type.
Color version of original "Joe."
After some direction from the TSA team (they sent me photos of the exact type of the smug, know-it-all hipster, geek type they were looking for) I created this character, on only the second try, and everyone loved (and loved to hate) him.
B&W and color version of "Joe." The look of the shirt was eventually modified to a sketchy, hand-drawn plaid.
Here's the original storyboard. A couple changes were made for expedience, and I threw in a few visual gags because I was asked to, and because I love doing that.
Here's a visual gag I wrote that I later wound up suggesting we remove. While everyone thought it was a humorous bit, I mention that it slowed down the pace, and the bit was cut. I do like the idea of a 1940's style newspaper man working in a modern advertising agency. I'll use that character again some day.
....And finally, here is the finished product.
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